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Book Number   000233531
ISBN   Link9781598742237 (hardcover : alk. paper)
  Link159874223X (hardcover : alk. paper)
  Link9781598742244 (pbk. : alk. paper)
Title   LinkArchaeology and women :. ancient and modern issues / Sue Hamilton, Ruth D. Whitehouse, Katherine I. Wright, editors.
Imprint   LinkWalnut Creek, Calif. : Left Coast Press, 2007.
Descr.   415 p. cm. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Series   ( Publications of the Institute of Archaeology, University College London)
Language   eng
Bibliogr.   Includes bibliographical references and index
Contents   pt. 1. The study of gender and women in archaeology -- Gender archaeology and archaeology of women : do we need both? / Ruth D. Whitehouse -- On gender negotiation and its materiality / Marie Louise Stig Sörensen -- Winifred Lamb : her first year as a student at the British School at Athens / David W.J. Gill -- Pioneers in Palestine : the women excavators of El-Wad Cave, 1929 / Jane Callander and Pamela Jane Smith -- Marija Gimbutas : setting the agenda / Ernestine S. Elster -- Women in practice : women in British contract field archaeology / Sue Hamilton -- Genderin’ experimental archaeology / Steve Townend -- Warriors and weavers : constructing Iron Age identities in museums / Sue Ballard -- pt. 1. Women in antiquity -- Bones of work at the origins of labour / Theya Molleson -- Women and the emergence of urban society in Mesopotamia / Katherine I. Wright -- Women of Lahun 1850-1700 BC : an exercise in historical archaeology / Stephen Quirke -- Figurines without sex : people without gender? / Maria Mina -- Anklets in the Bronze and Iron Age Levant : evidence from iconography and burials / John D.M. Green -- Expressing gender in Bronze Age Northeast Thailand : the case of Non Nok Tha / Elisabeth A. Bacus -- Stirring women, weapons and weaving - aspects of gender identity and symbols of power in early Anglo-Saxon England / Sue Harrington -- Gender and archaeological site formation : ethnoarchaeological studies in parts of Nigeria / C.A. Folorunso -- Painted genders : the construction of gender roles through the display of body painting by the Selk’nam and the Yámana from Tierra Del Fuego (Southern South America) / Dánae Fiore
Subject - Lib.Cong.   LinkSocial archaeology
  LinkSex role -- History
  LinkFeminist archaeology
  LinkWomen, Prehistoric
  LinkWomen in Antiquity
  LinkWomen archaeologists -- History
Add.Entry   LinkHamilton, Sue 1954-
  LinkWhitehouse, Ruth
  LinkWright, Katherine I.
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