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Book Number   000251433
Title   LinkΣύμμεικτο με αστρολογικά, περί Ποιητικής, Λογικής, των Φυσικών.
Imprint   Link<West Europe>, 16th cent. end (ff. 1-39), 17th cent. (ff. 40-74).
Descr.   79 leaves (ff. <I>, 1-77, <I’>) ; 95x140mm.
Medium.   Paper.
Language   gre lat
Gen. note   (Ff. 1v-39v) Αστρολογικά και μαγικά διάφορα. (Ff. 40-53, 54-55) Τῆς ποιητικῆς τέχνης βραχεῖα σύνοψις εἰς σχολαστικὸν ἐκδοθεῖσα τρόπον. (Ff. 62-70v) Σημειώσεις στη Λογική στα λατινικά. (Ff. 71-74) Σημειώσεις στα οκτώ βιβλία των Φυσικών στα λατινικά.
  Blank: ff. 1, 21v-23, 38v, 40v, 53v, 55v-61v, 74v-77v.
  Collation: Ms. codex.
  Layout: One colunm of 18/19 lines on ff. 1-39v and about 13 lines on ff. 40-74; frame ruled.
  Script: Right inclined, acute and quiq greek minuscule, from an excperienced scribe on ff. 1-39v. Right inclined, round, calligraphic, on ff. 40-74 in greek and latin, rather from western hands.
  Decoration: Simple knittband on f. 2, initials with floral details, titles, astrological symbols in red or black.
  Binding: Thin wooden boards covered with light brown half-leather with motivs, sleek on the back and the corners. On the back in gold the titel "OPUS ASTROLOGICUM. DE ARTE POETICA. M.S.GRAECE". Red punctate edges.
  Origin: <West Europe>.
  Scribes: A. Anonymus, (ff. 1v-39v). B. Anonymus, (ff. 40-55). C. Anonymus, (ff. 62-74 in latin).
Citation Note   A. Delatte, Un nouveau témoin de la littérature solomonique, le codex Gennadianus 45 d’ Athènes, Bulletin de la Classe de lettres et des Sciences morales et politiques, XLV (1959) 280-231.
  Μ. Πολίτη-Ελ. Παππά, Ταξίδι στον κόσμο των χειρογράφων. Κατάλογος έκθεσης χειρογράφων Γενναδείου Βιβλιοθήκης, [Ελληνική Παλαιογραφική Εταιρεία], Αθήνα 2004 106-107, nr. 68.
  Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Gennadius Library, London 1922 14
  Catalogs of Gennadius Greek manuscripts compiled by B. Panayiotopoulos and A. Kominis [unpublished notes]
Abstract   Two parts, three works. The 1st part, from the 16th cent., contains astrological texts. The 2nd part, from the 17th cent., contains a greek text about metric and a latin about logic and physics; it was part from another manuscript, as it shows the old folio numeration, down, in the middle of the margin (ff. 61-97= now 40-77).
Acq.   Συλλογή Ιωάννου Γενναδίου.
Lang. Note   Greek/latin.
owner.   <West Europe, England>. Former owner was the Reverant Walter Sneyd of Keele (b. 1809). He was collector of manuscripts and early printed books. His booksigne is on the front inside of the cover: "ex libris Walteri Sneyd". To Family Sneyd belonged since 1544 the Keele estate, now Keele University in England.
Add.Entry   LinkΓεννάδιος, Ιωάννης 1844-1932 Collector
Add.Entry   LinkGennadius
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