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Book Number   000302319
ISBN   Link9781474421775
  Link9781474421782 (pdf)
  Link9781474421799 (epub)
Title   LinkAncient Greek history and contemporary social science / Edited by Mirko Canevaro, Andrew Erskine, Benjamin Gray, Josiah Ober.
Imprint   LinkEdinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2018.
Descr.   xi, 591 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Series   ( Edinburgh Leventis studies ; 9)
Language   eng
Bibliogr.   Including bibliographical references and indexz
Contents   Section I: Theory and Method 1. Behavioural Economics and Economic Activity in Classical Athens, David Lewis 2. The City in Chorus: For a Choral History of Athenian Society, Vincent Azoulay and Paulin Ismard 3. Approaching the Hellenistic Polis through Modern Political Theory: the Public Sphere, Pluralism and Prosperity, Benjamin Gray Section II: Institutions 4. Majority Rule vs. Consensus: the practice of democratic deliberation in the Greek poleis, Mirko Canevaro 5. Rethinking Mass and Elite: Decision-Making in the Athenian Law-Courts, Federica Carugati and Barry R. Weingast 6. Ancient and Modern Conceptions of the Rule of Law, Sara Forsdyke 7. What can Data drawn from the Hansen-Nielsen Inventory tell us about Political Transitions in Ancient Greece?, Robert K. Fleck and F. Andrew Hanssen Section III: Behaviour 8. Patronage in Ancient Sparta, Ingvar B. Mæhle 9. Understanding the politics of Pericles around 450 BCE: the benefits of an economic perspective, Carl Hampus Lyttkens and Henrik Gerding 10. Cash and crowns: a network approach to Greek athletic prizes, Christian Mann Section IV: Wealth, Poverty and Inequality 11. Property Security and its Limits in Classical Greece, Emily Mackil 12. Economic (in)equality and democracy: the political economy of poverty in Athens, Claire Taylor 13. The Distribution of Wealthy Athenians in the Attic Demes, James Kierstead and Roman Klapaukh Section V: Interstate Relations 14. Exploring inter-community political activity in fourth-century Greece, Peter Liddel 15. Hegemonic Legitimacy (and its Absence) in Classical Greece, Polly Low 16. The Koinon Dogma, the Mercenary Threat, and the Consolidation of the Democratic Revolutions in mid 5th Century Sicily, David Teegarden Section VI: Technology and Innovation 17. Muddle wrestling: grappling for conceptual clarity in archaic money, Peter van Alfen --
  18. Entanglement, Materiality, and the Social Organization of Construction Workers in Classical Athens, Diane Harris Cline 19. Technology and Society in Classical Athens: A study of the social context of mining and metallurgy at Laurion, Kim van Liefferinge Overview: Greek history at a crossroads, John K. Davies
Abstract   Although the history of engagement between social science and ancient Greek history is a long one, recent developments in economics, political science and sociology have opened fresh opportunities for fruitful interdisciplinary scholarship. The essays collected here demonstrate the potential of theories and methods drawn from the social sciences to shed new light on facets of Greek economic, political, and cultural history. And, conversely, they show that Greece may serve as an "out of sample" test for theories about institutions, organizations, associations, social thought, and social behavior that were formulated in reference to the contemporary world
Subject - Lib.Cong.   LinkGreece -- Historiography
  LinkGreece -- History -- To 146 B.C
  LinkGreece -- Civilization -- To 146 B.C.
  LinkSocial sciences and history
Add.Entry   LinkCanevaro, Mirko
  LinkErskine, Andrew
  LinkGray, Benjamin David 1983-
  LinkOber, Josiah
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